Tipton Charles Signature Scents

Tipton Charles Signature Scents have been favored by Beauty Editors around the world for their unique blends of essential oils. Our products are offered in a variety of scents and their aromatherapeutic benefits:   

Basil Nectarine
Tipton Charles Basil Nectarine was inspired by a beloved gourmet ice cream flavor and combines the peppery, earthy warmth of basil with the sweet juiciness of ripe nectarines. An unmatched scent experience, not to mention our most popular and unique blend. It just might be the best smell in the world.

Blue Coca
Tipton Charles Blue Coca will caress your senses. A dark warm aroma of chocolate with a spicy and fresh sting and the sweetness folding this rich scent, create a sophisticated scent like no other.

Tipton Charles Eucalyptus is a fresh scent with many benefits: it is known to keep colds away, warms the body, stimulates circulation, relieves sinus congestion, treats aches and pains, helps elivate sore muscles and works as an antiseptic. A must have product in every bathroom.

We wanted our Tipton Charles Grapefruit scent to capture the scent of a fresh picked grapefruit – its zesty ripe sweetness and sharp citrus tartness. It took some time, but we think we achieved our goal with this clean, revitalizing fragrance.

Tipton Charles Lavender is the ultimate breath of calm. This delicately soft scent is both invigorating and soothing, not to mention supremely relaxing.

Lemon Verbena
Tipton Charles Lemon Verbena almost visibly sparkles with freshness. Our lemon verbena combines zesty citrus tones with earthly green notes. If you love clean, fresh scents, this is for you!

Mandarin Guava
Tipton Charles Mandarin Guava combines juicy sweet mandarin oranges with tropical guava fruit to transport you to a place of perpetual summer – warm and mesmerizing. Enliven your soul and excite your senses with the vibrant scent of exotic escapes.

Tipton Charles Ocean was inspired by a day spent surf-side. The scent of a clean, saltwater breeze gently flowing over warm, sun-beaten sand meets dewy green notes and fresh clean floral. As refreshing as a day at the shore.

Orange Vanilla
Tipton Charles Orange Vanilla combines uplifting orange notes with creamy vanilla undertones along with subtle hints of smooth music. The sweet, warm and comforting blend is a perpetual favorite.

Tipton Charles Sandalwood is a sensual blend that adds touches of vanilla and almond to the unmistakable richness of rare sandalwood. Calming, seductive and – dare we say it – sexy! This is what true pleasure smells like.

Silver Woods
Inspired by a quiet fall hike through the wild Adirondack woodlands, Tipton Charles Silver Woods epitomizes tranquility. A hint of uplifting silvery lavender and fir balsam add sparkling light to a rich woody base of comforting cedar, warm patchouli and soft vanilla notes.

Vanilla Mint
Two of all time favorites come together – soothing, luscious vanilla and the fresh, summery brightness of mint. Notes of creamy vanilla and sweet raw sugarcane are blended with real peppermint and spearmint for a scent experience the is simultaneously relaxing and uplifting.


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